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Sunday, December 05, 2010

Drumrolls please..

A sample video with the Canon EOS 5D Mark ii shot with the overhead W light..

The high speed memory card is in the mail, so right now the video resolution is 640x480

You can see the quality is a range apart in low light conditions compared to typical camcorders.

Here is another video of Jr. saying a prayer. Note the bokeh effect of the lights that you only get with high end movie cameras.. Jr. tried to say it fast because she figured out the movie stopped recording after 3-4 seconds . the data buffer gets full on a 2 GB 40x card within 3 seconds. The one in the mail is a 32GB 400x card. The GB is not the issue, the 40x vs 400x is! For those of you with HD capable T2i's it is a good idea to go for fast write speed cards!

Imagine what this could do to improve wedding coverage in India? No hot lamps to light up the groom and bride.. only high ISO!

Will post a HD quality video shot in the night or indoor light next week.

Until then...


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