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Monday, October 04, 2010

Kid in a candy store..

There is only one thing worse than a kid in a candy store, and that is me with a macro...

The hibiscus that was all rolled up was nicely open today..

There is a delicate optimization between a swaying hibiscus and the depth of focus, which happens to be only a few millimeters or less with the macro. Either one has to hold the flower with one hand and take the shot with the other hand or tape the stem against a wall and use a tripod! (as in below picture).

Tulasi (holy basil).. just the tip swaying in the breeze.. Did you know that the basil is so complicated?

San's favorite hanging bird string from India..

and a beetle of some kind which produced some amazement to us this evening...

Somehow, knew deep down, that this wouldn't wait for thursday.


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