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Saturday, October 02, 2010

Enthiran - the north south divide

Why is there such a north south thing going on with the comment boxes w.r.t. enthiran on any forum? what does this movie have anything to do with Dabaang or Anjaani?

It is a Rajni movie. It is not trying to prove anything to Bollywood. It is a good movie. Just enjoy it and let it be. They are not the same genre. There seems to be no connection between the two movies other than they were released same day. Now that is silly, no?

on a side note to the Maarans and the "nidhis" karunai or otherwise : What goes around comes around folks. this is what you get for alienating other languages for no good reason. Tamizh as a language is not going to die anytime soon. Hindi speakers are not aliens!

Some idiot goes and posts a comparison of Robot with Anjaani and then the entire message board goes to dogs. Same theme everywhere in every news article I have read in the last couple of days.

In a world where Rajni = Mob = paal abishegam = frenzy ------> hysteria, it is not a good idea to keep doing this.

It is a question of time before this rage jumps over from the message boards to bill boards and before you know it people are hitting each other with boards!

The other weird thing is that there are media reports which go out of their way to say the movie did extremely well outside the four southern states and some that go the extreme opposite and say "this movie did not do well at all.." and the frame of comparison is always Anjaana Anjaani.

Guess two big production houses are going at it big time in showing they are doing good and a lot of simpleton fans might have consequences for this!

One has to be happy with the fact that Ranbir Kapoor doesn't have fans who are as fanatical as Rajni fans.

Thank god for small favors.


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