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Thursday, September 09, 2010

Where is GWB?

GWB seems to have gone missing much like old Tamil TV actresses!

Eight years of prime time and then he is not there to defend things like this or this.

The whole thing is depressing.

So many people are losing their jobs here and we all work our tails off trying to make ends meet. A significant part of tax money goes into fighting unnecessary wars instead of ensuring a decent future for us or our kids..

Is it possible that GWB is now a part of the rendition program?

Is it possible that he is in some unnamed eastern European country going through interrogation on how he let all this happen and for what?

Every time I used to see or hear Bush speak about "war on terror" or "winning" the image of Dhritarashtra from the Amar Chitra Katha's flashed in my head!

There were so many ministers in his court who were wise but none wanted to speak up and let the blind king know how Draupathi was being humiliated and wronged in front of everyone..

Looks like the Iraqi vasthra haran was done in front of 100 senators as they all watched as Cheyneyodhana and Rumshasana did their thing.. even the wise Vidhura types like Powell watched out of loyalty for the blind King?!

For the longest time my thought was that the dark complexioned Krishna.. err Obama will finally come to rescue Draupathi.. He is a long time coming!

I do not want to go further with the analogy. Tharoor already did this context switch with the Great Indian Novel!

Strongly recommend Rajaji's Mahabharatha (or even the Amar Chitra Katha version for that matter) to American readers who want to see how the Mahabharata ends.

Tragic really!

One thing is for sure. No point in recapping the Vastra Haran or having to watch reruns of it. So Censoring the images is a good move.

Will try to do our best as a family when it comes to doing some kind of Prayachitam by raising two American kids who believe in peace and not in War, who believe it is possible to serve your country loyally and sincerely without picking up a weapon!

There are people out here who are proud to be American and associate being American with speaking our minds, being able to believe in "the American dream" and be able to speak up. It is a crying shame that we are all tacitly complicit in the Iraq war, because we didn't push our representatives to reason enough before going to war, pay good tax money to fund the war and the troops or not help take this up when the American press failed to do their job!

We are now the Kauravas!

Somehow that does not have a nice ring to it..


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