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Friday, September 24, 2010

When engineers try art..

Volunteering at daughters school for the Art program this year. Today was the first class from the masters to the wannabe art instructors.

It was interesting. The only downside was a two hour delay going to work and that made work way too hectic.

At first there was a short introduction to the artist and his particular type of art. Then all the parent volunteers were given an hour to try the concept themselves.

Our work then went up on the wall for the kids to see.

The artist ? Henri Mattisse
The art type ? gouaches découpés (painting with scissors)

No pencils were allowed. We were given a glue stick, some scissors and a range of colored paper.

We had to cut shapes and stick them on the paper to create art.

Some of the parents who are doing this for the third or fourth time came up with really good work.

This was daddy narayanan's first attempt..

It did get a few looks and positive comments for the rainbow concept. Some parents did point out that the rainbow colors were not in VIBGYOR order and I beat the ability to circle the ring behind the saturn to death by putting way too many saturns.

Told them that it was artistic license!


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I am not responsible for comments posted by others... At 5:30 PM, Anonymous Revathi wrote...

I taught this for my son when he was in 3rd grade and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Kids had a blast doing all the new things without pencil, water coloring, paper art, baking etc etc.


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