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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Carpool Cheats, unlicenced plumbers, resume liars..

Most of you know that there was a site called carpool cheats, that made an example out of folks violating carpool lane rules because they thought no one was watching..

The initial reaction was along the lines of "vigilante justice" in the carpool lane, but later we heard that the site organizers were threatened by the cheats and they backed off for fear of retaliation..

Around the same time(might be wrong on the timeframe here) a website called Angie's list was started which got feedback from users on electricians, contractors and plumbers so one could check their background. This was free if I remembered right but now you have to pay money to do a fact check on a plumber! Guess they don't want free feedback anymore and have gone to verifying the feedback. They are all formal now and have to worry about competitors bad mouthing each other. Guess that costs a lot of money to keep that straight.

A recent observation on "Linkedin", there are many folks who exaggerate their resumes and have even found an instance where a recommendation I wrote for someone has been cut and paste into a recommendation someone else wrote. Now what do you do? Copyright your recommendations?

Why isn't there a site that fact checks resumes that are posted? In other words collect a 360 feedback on anyone registered on the site. If you say you did something or accomplished something, have someone who was on your management chain e-verify it and also have someone who worked for you e-verify it?

Wouldn't be a bad idea to have people rate you on a scale of 0 to 5 stars as an employee, individual contributor, manager, leader, inventor etc.... no?

If such a site already exists, do let me know! If not, should patent this idea and start a site like that.. then again, one has to worry about being attacked by everyone from the local chef at the desi restaurant to the CEO's who happen to drive on the same freeways as us..


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