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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Training day

The girls did not stop at being "just like thatha". They wanted to copy Madras paati (grandma) as well. They figured out that the grandparents went ecstatic when they were being followed around and used that to good advantage to win the good graces of grandma.

Here is Jr. insisting on learning how to peel and cut onions from Grandma.

Initially she was happy and within a few minutes she regret the decision. Cutting tomatoes would have been a better choice.

In spite of being all teary eyed, she finished the job and made Grandma and me proud!

The copying did not stop with the onion cutting. It went on and on, from buying little wire baskets, filling them with random things and carrying them everywhere to keeping a giant size bindi with kumgumam(vermillion).

Both Jr. and the little one adapted really well this time. They ate at roadside dabas, used eastern style restrooms behind these highway dabas where even the grandparents who are resident desis were having second thoughts. They made it relatively easier for daddy this time compared to the last trip (especially since my right hand is still not a 100% and it is very difficult to carry the little one everywhere).

In another year, things will be even better if both of them eat by themselves and their mom trains them to eat pani pooris without making a mess. Then daddy can relax in the house and encourage all three of them to go eat out!

The plan is there.. just have to keep working on it.


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I am not responsible for comments posted by others... At 9:01 PM, Blogger dipali wrote...

Just caught up with all your travels!
It's so strange and wonderful to realise that the kids are old enough to manage for a while without their parents. It must have been great for the grandparents too.
Loved all the travel stories. How is your right hand doing? My left hand celebrated its break anniversary this 19th, still not too strong, but functional enough.

I am not responsible for comments posted by others... At 9:24 PM, Blogger Sundar Narayanan wrote...


you are right on.. it is kind of difficult to realize that the kids spent 3 weeks without us and another week without mommy..

a lot of myths were broken during the summer.

my hand has also celebrated the 1 year breakiversary when we were in Mumbai.

have got 100% flexibiliy. ie., anything the left can do the right can motion wise..

but only 70% strength. ie. if I can lift 20 kg rice bag on left hand, the right stops at 14 kg..

according to the doc it will take another year of exercising to get there. there is also a chance it might never get there.. but day to day life not affected significantly..

lifting suitcases, the little one, etc. were difficult.

we are back to the routine now..

hope your hand gets better soon. take physiotherapy very seriously.



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