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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Not sure about tonsure?

The little one bravely did the tonsuring ceremony. She was a real champ....

A day after losing her hair she was going through doubts. Kept trying to put flowers, rubberbands on her hair. It would break our heart to see her do this..

Then my mom put the little one on her lap and explained how giving your hair to god will only get you a lot more hair a lot faster as he will bless you etc. etc. and she was back to her beaming self.

Life is an illusion, but having hair is a big part of that illusion!

We now know exactly the way daddy Narayanan is going to bald over the next two years. Asked my mom why Ummachhi (god) did not bless me with a lot more hair a lot faster...

Apparently the illusion works only for kids under the age of five!


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