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Saturday, April 03, 2010

Matching Jewelry

Bombay had purchased some Paavaadais for the girls in India recently.

Another installment was released today!

The girls were also very excited to receive matching fake jewelry that goes with the silk frocks.

They made daddy happy by posing as usual for photos.

A detailed analysis of the fake Jewels showed that there are no real stones for most of the necklaces. The thing is actually a faceted hole in a stamped plastic with a coating on the inside. The reflections from the hole create an optical illusion that there are raised stones set on the plastic. Whoever came up with the concept is pure genius! It shines better than real stones would.

Daddy shed some Aaananda kanneer (happy tears) on seeing how far materials science has improved over the years!

Hopefully such improvements will save lots of $ for me when the kids grow up.


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Pretty pretty! Girls and their outfits and jewels:)


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