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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Ah.. Technology!

Recently a DVD that we got from Blockbuster online did not play on the player. It kept showing "No Disc" and we returned it. The customer service guys at Blockbuster promptly emailed us a e-coupon good for a free movie at a store to compensate.

We do not have a printer at home. So I called the store and said "If I have the e-coupon and can give you the code on the coupon instead of the barcode can you give me a movie?"

The teenage kid who was manning the store said "Think we should be able to do that if you can give me the number"

So off I went to the store, got the movie to the counter and started searching my Inbox for the email on my iPhone.

Spent a precious few minutes searching and almost gave up. Then saw that the email was not from Blockbuster.com but instead from something called webmaster@bbpm....

Then while zooming into the barcode to read the coupon number, there was a lightbulb moment!

Looked at the kid and said "Let me zoom in on the barcode and bring it up horizontally to completely cover my iPhone screen. Can you try to use your scanner and just scan this barcode directly from the phone?"

The kid's eyes light up at the geeky idea and he said "Let us try it!" and

Lo and behold, he was able to use his hand held scanner and directly scan the coupon from the iPhone!

Not only can you photograph any barcode and get prices on it from your iPhone (yes, there is an app called Redlaser which we have that actually does that! you scan the barcode and it shows you item name, compares prices, closest location available etc. etc.) but you can also scan barcodes off the iPhone!

Technology is amazing, isn't it?


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I am not responsible for comments posted by others... At 5:59 AM, Anonymous utbtkids wrote...

I stealing Boo's moment. Forgive me Boo. But apparently in Swiss they scan e-tickets from the iPhone. In US of A airport authorities, the less said the better.

I am not responsible for comments posted by others... At 10:39 AM, Anonymous Dilip wrote...

Mobile boarding cards have been available for over a year on quite a few US airlines/airports.


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