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Saturday, December 05, 2009

Explaining the economy

How does one explain the economy to a four year old?

We grew up in a poor household and as kids our understanding of the economy was simply:

"There are people with a lot more money than us we have to interact with every day. We are not rich. But it is okay. All our relatives and friends love us and we have no dearth of fun"

Over time we kind of learned (we weren't necessarily taught openly) to understand what our parents could provide for us as a default, what was pushing them to their limit, what was an extravagance for the household, etc. and would not bother to ask them for things that they might want to give us but cannot. The few times we did, we did with a lot of regret knowing the pain it would cause them.

The setting for the little one, is a lot different from the setting for me. Even Jr. understands things to an extent because we were going through a tough time when she was four, when the little one was just born and were moving from place to place and living in one room for almost 6 months.

The little one always "needs" things and "wants" things. She always compares with her sister or friends and is very temperamental, but she is also a very smart kid.

Earlier today, I gave her the usual speech about work, money, job, jobless people, expense, buying, spending, responsibility, etc. etc.

She listened to it patiently as though she cared and still wanted to get new shoes because her shoes are too tight, which is typical of four year olds because they change shoe sizes every 6 months! (and she IS going to get a new shoe).

Told her that she should listen to me and get the shoes Daddy picks for her.

She promptly ran away from me, looked at her mom and goes

"don't ask appa to buy me a shoe for 10 dollars okay.. just ask him to buy me a shoe that is one dollar!"

We both burst out laughing.

If only it was that simple!


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I am not responsible for comments posted by others... At 5:22 AM, Anonymous utbtkids wrote...

Sundar, I need to get tips from you reg the younger one, just to be aware of whats coming next.
We are driving each other against the wall.

The thing, is a lot of things we have let pass under 'cute'. Now she takes a lot more for granted. Esp the 'if akka gets new stuff, i need to get it too' Sundar tell me its is a phase, please.

I am not responsible for comments posted by others... At 10:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous wrote...

Utbt, I hate to break it. Sometimes it never ends. My mom has told me that my sister photocopied every single jewelry that I got for my wedding and demanded she gets the exact same ones for her wedding!!! so keep your fingers crossed! :)



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