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Sunday, October 18, 2009


Now you know all about the kid in me coming out and having fun!

Sooooooo wish that we could burst bijili vedis here. Someday, someday, we will be in Madras for Deepavali and we will show our kids the type of fun we had growing up.

After talking to relatives in India, they all said two things that are downright baffling..

1. Only my youngest cousin who is 11 and my nephew who is 3 are into bursting crackers. The rest of them are happy with the good eats and watching TV or going to the movies!

2. A box of 10 sparklers (Kambi mathaapu) costs 2$ here and it costs 3$ in Chennai!!! Velai vaasi(cost of living) has indeed risen there!

At this rate, Cupertino might become New Chennai... much like they named New York, or New Jersey a few hundred years ago..


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