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Thursday, August 06, 2009


after turning on the ads on the side (for more than two months) happened to go check that account.


have made a whopping 7300 bucks!

No, just kidding.

Actually made 73 cents in two months.

When I told my MIL that there was enough money to buy balli mittai for one kid, she said "how come I don't see any ads?". Then we compared it on our laptops and she was right. My laptop shows the ads and her laptop didn't.

Then we figured out that the ads show up only on Firefox and you don't see them if you use Internet explorer as the browser. My MIL, who is very devoted to her Microsoft employee son, is loyal to the explorer. Me being the paranoid techie, switched to firefox after many friends told me it is safer.

The lack of making the 10000 dollar mark.. err. 1$ mark has been blamed on IE.

To all those people who said "indha blog wog ellam oru ana paisavukku prayojanam unda?" (Is this blog wog even worth an ana paisa?).....

Okay, first we need to tell you what an ana-paisa is. One "ana" which used to be the old Indian minor currency denomination is 6.25 paise in today's terms. (one rupee was 16 anas and is now 100 paise).

If you use the conversion, one dollar is 47.66 rupees (today's rate). One rupee is 16 anas. So 1 ana is 0.13 cents. If I made 73 cents, it is 556 anas!

There, take that you nay sayers!

ps. The ads are consistantly irrelevant since they were turned on. The topic of the post and the ads seem to have no connection. Really wanted to see the algorithm at work. That is the real reason for turning on adsense. Fond hopes that a photoblog for canon and HDR would turn up ads for really popular software that fits the context. Nope, instead we get ads for home loans. This seems to be highly over rated!


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I am not responsible for comments posted by others... At 1:07 AM, Anonymous Dilip wrote...

Maybe it is time to give Microsoft Ad center a try. I am sure both IE and your BIL will be happy.


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