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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Please save state parks in California

A virus has infected the laptop and that has translated to a day of gardening.

Had to borrow the wife's laptop for this urgent post.

All those trips to route 1 might become nasty experiences.

The Governer is now cutting down 80% of the state parks and wants to "close" them!

If you can pack a quick lunch and want to spend <30$ on gas, you could have a real good day trip along the beautiful coastline within 2 hours of the silicon valley area for a park fee of 6 dollars today.

This is a lot better than spending 60 bucks a ticket to some theme park!

Please please please support the save the parks initiatives. Please contact your local politicians to get this thing repealed.

Click on thi link to send a support email or use any other initiative that you know of.


We do not want these nice forests with redwoods, creeks and beaches to be trashed. Sometimes I feel that the only good thing we are leaving behind for future generations is these state parks. Now that is also at risk!



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I am not responsible for comments posted by others... At 7:55 AM, Blogger Lak wrote...

Hmmm ... let's see:
(1) Cap property taxes
(2) Require a super-majority to raise income taxes
(3) Refuse spending cuts.

Just doesn't add up, especially when income taxes fall in a recession. Something has to give.

p.s. not you ... I'm talking about Californians as a whole.

I am not responsible for comments posted by others... At 10:44 PM, Blogger Sundar Narayanan wrote...


I have moved three times in 12 years. Every house I have paid the 1.125% property tax. The idea is not to close the parks. Increase the park fee to 10 $ or even 20$ a vehicle and that will be enough to maintain the parks, even if you close most of them. Unsupervised, these parks will deteriorate.. then when things turn for the better in 2028 AD, the parks will be full of garbage..


these days, I am really furstrated with how in spite of paying so much in taxes, get no say in where that money goes.

california as a state should have stepped in when people were being given loans they could not afford to buy rental properties.

california as a state should have said "stop giving more money to the automakers who wont even support better pollution standards"

but no..

the real issue is that there are so many who took and took from the system who continue to get away. citizens who have a few things to pass on to their progeny are going to have no choice in this..

it was shocking to me when I got a supplemental tax bill for another 7k because when we bought a house for 650k , the previous owner was paying property tax for the property worth 54k (his purchase price 29 years before)... it was one of those WTF moments in my life!

the rant goes on..



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