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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Doing tricks

Daddy has been having more than his regular share of headaches the last couple of days and decided to go have a massive haircut this evening.

The little one promptly declared that daddy looked more handsome after the haircut. Tonight during the usual "will you sleep with me for just 5 minutes please?" phase, she rubbed her hand over my hair ..

LO : Daddy your hair is doing tricks daddy!

Me : what do you mean?

LO : When I thadavi(caress) it up it is rough but when I thadavi it down it is sooo smooth. It is like magic.

I started laughing first, then wondered.. "wait a second, she does this all the time.. so why wasn't this magic discovered earlier?"

and the answer was

"before it was rough on both up and down thadavi's"

Something tells me that the little one might do a Ph.D. or at least go towards science and technology as she grows older.

She might even take up materials science for all we know!

On a completely different note, the head feels lighter, literally and figuratively and somehow it makes it look like daddy has more hair after the haircut than before. Must be some kind of optical illusion created by exposing the scalp.

Who knew?

Sometimes, less is more!


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