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Monday, April 27, 2009

First come first severed?

We all know of first come first served. Poetry pointed out that it might not be the case!

After reading this post, the first thought was "What in the world would prompt a person to go on a self funded expendition to the North pole and again to the south pole, within a span of a few months?"

As a guy who has not seen his frontyard and backyard in the same week for the last few months, the answer to that question was definitely not going to be found in the confines of my tiny head. Then again, why does anyone want to go anywhere or do things that would otherwise be considered ardous?

There was a "been there, done that" part of me that has somehow died a long time ago. These days that feeling is reserved for "yep. we can now count by fives" or "we know digraphs and blends now" or even the "hey, that bowl of cheerios got into her under 45 minutes!" and the bar is lowered on a daily basis!

To say that a person going to the Poles (self funded or otherwise) is commendble, is an under statement. It is something to be very proud of! If you are the first one from a nation with a billion plus population, it is a crowning achievement.

There are not that many people who have visited both poles in the same year (and especially since the mainstream Indian media is officially saying that the first Indian woman is going in 2010), it is sad that this earlier contribution is not being recognized.

Funny thing is you can go to www.thepoles.com and verify that Saraswathy indeed was part of the expeditions and she has the pictures to prove it!

That brings us to how people who are silent don't get recognized for what they have accomplished. This is the part where agents all over the world chime in and say "I told you. We are expensive, but there is a reason we make a living!", and that is where you, the reader of this blog(especially those who have blogs of your own), will hopefully verify for yourself that Saraswathy did ski at the poles and will at least give her the recognition she deserves in the blogosphere, if not in the official press!

Saraswathy is not promoting herself. Her friends are pushing for her to get her recognition and that is very touching.

ps. Have never met Saraswathy in person and have not heard of her accomplishment before reading Poetry's post. Surprised that local magazines like Thendral haven't picked this up.


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I am not responsible for comments posted by others... At 10:03 PM, Blogger Poetry wrote...

Hi Sundar,

Thanks a lot for writing this article.Thendral did a pilot post in Feb 2007 issue, (Page A 28).Gopal Kumarappan did an interview with Sara (with me present) to be published in the March 07 issue. But for reasons unknown to us, the interview never showed up. Merc had a piece on their Sunday Travel Special too.

Ananada Vikatan did an article on their 'Jolly Tour Special', (28.03.07), issue too. But no one else we approached were wlling to recognise this as an acievement worthy of history.

When I saw the wide spread publicity for Reena Kaushal - I was totally surprised, to say the least. Thats when I thought I can approach bloggers with wide readership and requested help. I still have a tiny bit of hope, someone might take it up and bring the kind of national recognition that Sara deserves.

I am not responsible for comments posted by others... At 4:35 PM, Blogger Gopal Kumar wrote...

Hello Sundar & Poetry,

2 articles about Sara was published in Thendral and you can check it out in the online version of it (http://www.tamilonline.com/). Login and search my articles under author.. I couldn't continue my work with Thendral for work reasons and so, couldn't follow up the interview I have done with Sara & family.. but that's not an execuse for me to continue my work to bring back her glory again...

I have already written to Dinamalar and other online news media who is trying to erase the rare feet achieved by Sara.. I will write in my blog soon and will do my best to get Sara noticed in the world media.


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