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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Daddy I wanna go ....

Dadddy I wanna go .....

The sentence that is every parents nightmare at various locations and occasions, in the first four to five years of raising kids! After the kids can go to the restroom on their own, this is less of a problem, unless of course you have two girls and you have taken the kids on an outing and

1. there is no family restroom
2. your five year old will go only to the ladies room
3. you have to beg some strange woman outside the ladies room to help your daughter!

Sometimes you long for the days where you could change the diaper in the back of the van and keep on moving.

Here are my top five "I wanna go's" (No, nobody tagged me or anything! I just thought of writing about this..)

5. 2005 - Bombay - We are stuck in traffic on the way back from a short day trip. There is no way for the FIL to manouver the little Maruthi 800 out of the rapidly deteriorating traffic situation. A just potty trained Jr. declares it is time. Finally after 20 minutes on a ramp near "Baikula?" we make it to a restaurant.

4. 2006 - Cathay Pacific Flight - Somewhere close to Jakarta - A long line of passengers outside the restroom (probably the half cooked poori's were doing the job). Jr. is near tears, standing cross legged and after a point she cannot even stand. Daddy pleads and cajoles his way to the head of the queue to the restroom door only to find that all three people inside are taking forever! We almost have a disaster in our hands when what appears to be the door to heaven opens.... We go inside and in an instant Jr. declares "This potty is dirty. I cannot sit on it!".

Daddy is now near tears. How can cleaniness be a concern at that stage?! Then he realizes that she is a girl and probably takes after her mom for this type of stuff... So daddy props up the baby changing board, sits Jr. on top and proceeds to use his knowledge from the Ph.D. that he never got. The Doctor of Janitorology finally got the approval from a pensive Jr. who got down from her high horse and used the potty.

3. 2007 - Disneyland - a line of more than a 1000 people for one of the attractions! Jr. wants to go, and we are halfway into line. I carry her back, wading against all those people rushing past in the line only to find that the nearest restroom in the map is all the way on the other side of Frontierland! The horror of it is that the queue to the restroom is almost half the length of the queue to the attactions. Daddy makes the mistake of just taking Jr. to the mens restroom...He comes out deciding "No more daddy taking you to the restroom".

2. 2007 - Sidhi Vinayak - Bombay. We should have just been content watching the proceedings inside on the TV monitor outside and returned. MIL and grand MIL insisted that we get up close and personal with Lord Ganesha! It was a line through a metal rod maze, a security counter, and then into a mad crowd. Jr. of course was desperate as usual. This time I could not blame her because even I was desperate! We had been in that line for almost 2 hours. After that instance, have promised to never stand in a long line to meet any god, especially when no restrooms are around. These days we stand in line only to see cartoon characters!

1. 2006 - Blaine - US Canada Border crossing on a long weekend. We had gone to Seattle to spend time with my BIL. The plan was to go to Vancouver for a day. We did not anticipate that a gazillion other people would plan to cross into Canada the same day. The checkpost was backed up for at least 2-3 miles. The cars had come to a standstill. Some of the older kids were heading for the trees (we could see that).

Jr. was alien to the "potty behind the tree" concept. So a gruelling 30 minutes later, we found ourselves crawling past a restroom on the highway! Everyone was cursing themselves, turning their anger against the other adults and kids, all that drama inside a confined space. We probably enacted the automobile version of "Lord of the flies" in that hour. Now we have a policy of not being stuck near border crossings on long weekends!

Hope this serves as learning for other parents out there who have 3-5 year olds! It is a lot easier with the Little One because she can always join her sister. No more pleading strange women. No need to teach her anything either because she learns everything from her big sister. Thank god for little favors!


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I am not responsible for comments posted by others... At 8:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous wrote...

'Finally after 20 minutes on a ramp near "Baikula?" we make it to a restaurant.'

byculla, maybe? [depends on your origin and destination points ... my guess colaba/nariman point on one end and matunga/barc on the other]

'How can cleaniness be a concern at that stage?! Then he realizes that she is a girl and probably takes after her mom for this type of stuff'

nonono. cleanliness is an equal opportunity thing. i've been known (to myself, at least) to place as much paper as possible between self and toilet seat while inside restrooms within modes of public transportation. come to think of it, there might be a toilet or two around the world that clogged because ... censored [tmi].

when travelling on a plane infested with desis, it is impossible to use the restrooms after three hours, tops. it is something about us and the need to use water.

non-desis obviously never use water in the restroom - it is a mystery to me, really. don't they wash their hands after doing the deed? like, ever? if they do, how come the floor is always so dry?

one thing is for sure - for better or for worse, kids who grew up in an indian environment (for the most part, when you disregard outliers like me) can take care of themselves under severely restrictive restroom conditions.

it is difficult for kids 'spoilt' in the usa where - on most interstates - a restroom opportunity is available after driving at the most 15-20 more minutes.

- s.b.

I am not responsible for comments posted by others... At 12:48 AM, Blogger dipali wrote...

On long drives I'm the one who becomes desperate pretty soon. For me urgency is in inverse proportion to availability:) I insist this is all my children's fault- it only happened since I had'em.

I am not responsible for comments posted by others... At 5:16 PM, Blogger Munimma wrote...

My sil used to carry the little potty with a grocery bag in it, in her car trunk. Worked quite well for her.
My younger one still has issues sometimes and we know we are too late when she wants to change her clothes :-)
One more stress factor for parents.

I am not responsible for comments posted by others... At 6:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous wrote...

Ok, in our household it is the woman's job to take kids to the potty, though I am seriously trying to delegate it as much as possible.

I live in constant dread of the words, 'Amma, I want to go to the bathoom'.

I am not responsible for comments posted by others... At 9:12 AM, Blogger Swetha wrote...

Had nice fun reading your blog..sorry ppl.. yet to experience the ever-dreading situation!


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