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Saturday, November 17, 2007

A quote - in context

The lonliest person is not one who loses all his near and dear ones, it is one who has lost his own mind!

- in the movie "Maine Gandhi Kho Nahin Maara".

I just wish that I do not have to live after I have lost my mind.

Well there was more to that post than that quote.

I have been sick since wednesday night. I made the mistake of going to work on thursday and my condition just went from bad to worse. So much that I could not keep my eyes open on Friday morning. Just drank some theraflu packets and stayed in bed for most of friday, saturday and today!

Feel a lot better. As fate would have it, the wife and me thought I should get some distraction and we look in the mail and what do we have?

"Maine Gandhi Kho Nahin Maara" which came via Blockbuster Online. Started watching it and became downright depressed. You do not want to watch a movie about Alzheimers disease when you are drugged with Theraflu. Your mind plays tricks on the tricks it can possibly play! and that is scary.

I do not know anyone personally who has been affected by this disease or who has someone they know go through this disease. I really feel for them.

All that said, it is back to one last big bout of sleep before the Monday morning blues kick in...


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I am not responsible for comments posted by others... At 9:10 AM, Blogger S wrote...

The movie made a huge impact on me as well. I was more affected by how much of an after effect even a singular childhood trauma has on an individual even much much later in life.

On a slight tangent, did you know that India is one country which is least afflicted by Alzheimer's? Because we use so much turmeric in our food :) Thank God for small mercies, no?!


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