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Friday, October 19, 2007

Divide and conquer

A few snippets in the evening news caught my attention today. We are talking about the public radio news, which I am pretty sure has a liberal bias in California and being a liberal, you hear what you like to hear and it is a self fulfilling prophecy!

The funny thing was that, for the first time, I said "What the $*&#?" when I heard these things..

The Sunni Prime Minister of Iraq!!!... went the announcer:

Why would news in America declare a PM of another country by his religious sub sect!! Why else but to keep the divide going? My thoughts went to "would people here in the US be offended if we heard news like Catholic President George Bush or Lutheran Senator XYZ or Episcopelian ABC..." and even before I had jumped to the conclusion, that the Media was rife with bigotry, they proved me wrong.. The next article was about Mormon Presidential candidate MittRomney! I told myself "at least they are consistant!".

The next news article was equally fascinating. It was about classifying the 1914-1915 killing of Armenians by Turks as "Genocide". Apparently this thing is a big deal on setting the past right! and has consequences including Turkey's support to the Iraq war, presidential elections, international relations, the european union, etc. etc.. The list went on and on..

As usual, my stupid half dead brain started wandering and came up with "didn't we lose that many Indians and Paksistanis in the India Pakistan partition in 1947-48? Should both India and Pakistan argue that the killings on either side of the border be declared a Genocide? Wasn't that killing also systematic, similar to the definition used by the Armenians.. and.. Why haven't our politicians thought of passing a bill along these lines and staging a few walkouts in the Parliament yet? Am I a genius? Should I be in Politics? etc. etc."

At that precise point in time, I spotted this half eaten packet of Parle-G biscuts in the space between the front seats in the van, and promptly devoured them. Once they reached my stomach, the brain got a jump start and the thought process disappeared..

A new one started..

Politicians will be Politicians and the world is a better place without them. I have said this many times before. It is also sad that politicians will do what they do, as long as people do not change! If the collective conscience of a populace is so weak that they have to go back and change the past or give names to it, and in the process mess up the present and make our future bleak, there is no hope! Do not know how many more people will die in the name of a Genocide (or Non Genocide) that happened almost a 100 years ago!

God bless the world we live in...


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