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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Comic = Comedy ?

Saw a recent article which says Tamizh comedy actor Vadivelu, will act as Spiderman !!

While most bloggers who have reacted to this have expressed shock or have questioned if Vadivelu would actually be funny as Spiderman(warning X rated link!), they have left out one obvious fact!

Vadivelu, has pre-qualified for this role!! What is the one biggest thing which differentiates an ordinary (or "Saadha Man" in Tamizh) from a superhero-man a.k.a. (super, spider, bat, X, etc.) man?

Every 4th grader knows this joke!

"saadha" ordinary men wear pants over underwear
Super-men wear underwear over their pants!

Have you seen the way Vadivelu ties his dhoti (or lungi) ? His dhoti line is always above his underwear line!! Normal people would wear their dhoti (the variety of cloth refered to as veshti, lungi etc.,) so that it comes till your knees when folded. That way your underwear is still protected from public view! Not Vadivelu. Recently, at a special gala thrown by the movie industry for the CM of Tamizhnadu, he did a skit and even there he tied up his silk dhoti almost to his waist, exposing his boxers! He should have no issues with the spiderman costume!

This opens up other important questions. Does this mean Vadivelu will have a monopoly on all superhero movie remakes in Tamizh ? The answer my friends, is a resounding NO! Another Tamizh actor by the name of Vijaya T. Rajendar (the T stands for Teddy), can give vadivelu a run for his money. He could probably do the role of the Beast or Wolverine in X-men, without any make up!!

As an added bonus, he can rhyme and limmerick his way into the hearts of superhero lovers by saying things like :

Naan dhan da beast-u,
unakku vekkaren da feast-u!

(I am the beast, I am going to give you a feast!)

Can Kelsey Grammar top that?


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