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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Vacation time..

I deleted a lot of comments from the controversial post. None of them were mine!

Today, I have been hurt more by words than in my entire life. So, I deleted the follow up post as well. After 30 mintues of thinking how to respond, I just decided it wasnt worth it.

Some guy didnt even read the difference between Sundar Narayanan and Narayanan Venkittu (the person who actually started the comment war with some anonymous blogger in my site on the original post) and said some really nasty things.

Another guy emailed me to say I should send my two daughters to the US miliary to show my patriotism to the US ! etc. etc.

This is my last post from India. In a few days I will be back to working my butt off in the US because I wont have any vacation days for a long time to come !

I write a blog about raising my daughters !! I will stick to it. With our busy work schedules and raising two little kids, blogging itself is an extravagance in time. I wrote one line about Nithari and the entire Indian blogging community is up in arms (this inspite of an apology!)..

Anyways, it is not worth spoiling my vacation over NRI, OCI, NRA, citizenship discussions.. A touchy feely subject where people are ready to go to any lengths to prove their stance..

For those of you who gave me your two (or four) cents on the topic, thank you. I did get a lot of nice advice from people, friendly words, stuff like "why are you defending someone else's comments", "vidu machchi", etc. etc. Thanks for that as well.

My daughters are not going to the military, Indian or American .. I am not saying this because I disrespect the armed forces. I am against guns, killing, war and violence.

I definitely dont want another comment war till I reach the US. For those curious folks who wanted to know my status, I am a US Citizen. I also am an Overseas Citizen of India. (went and became US citizen only after Manmohan Singh approved dual Citizenship!). Some guys are telling me that it is nothing less than an unlimited visa! I hope you are wrong. So if you want to write to me, please email me at sundar72@gmail.com and I will respond to you after I reach there.

Until next time, bye bye Indian bloggers..I hope to meet some of you at least on my next trip and hopefully it will be under better circumstances..

Finally I got 100 kbps (at 3 AM!!).. now I know the secret to fast blogging from home here ..

Ta Ta..

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