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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Crazy tag..

I was asked by Mitr to follow her tag..

Usually dont do this.. but like Apu Nahasapeemapetilon says "O' Whad dhe ell ?"...

1. Psycho in me : Brought out best by baby when she eats my laptop trackball, or pours hot food from the dining table on to her head by tipping it over with one hand while still holding on to my leg with one hand ( I didnt have a clue! till she started screaming.. all that Kadi from Bhavikas .. what a waste!)

2. Thinni Pandaram : Yes, of Potato chips, karuvadam, anything fried and veggie..

3. Kids : My life!

4. Dreams : Grow old enough to see my kids all grown up..maybe dance with them at their weddings ..

5. No Weird : I followed this tag back and found no one really gives a decent answer to this one..Here is my take on it.. What I dont find to be weird ..My doing the same things I accused my dad of doing and citing him to be a bad daddy.. I have pretty much done everything I accused him of doing and I have been a dad for less than four years !!

6. Bore factor : = 0.87567* Pi / Cos(theta)

I could have tagged a bunch of bloggers said some nasty thing like "if you dont do this tag and tag six other people, a cockroach might bite you in undisclosed locations and cause discomfort.. etc. etc..". but, I will be nice and not tag anyone. This tag stops here !


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