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Sunday, March 04, 2012

High key Yogagraphy..

For those who asked, there is no Photoshopping or background editing involved in those yoga photos in the previous post..

The trick was in setting it up and taking trial shots with Jr. and then switching places where all she had to do was click.

The no flash photos are shown here. . .

Dhotis (Veshti's) make amazing and easy backgrounds. Foam boards which come with TV packaging make great reflectors. A diffuse flash bounced on the opposite wall makes the background white enough that you can make it look like the subject is floating in space..

Easy to set up if you want great portrait shots of kids.. It is also easier to get them to pose. They think they are going into some kind of den when they walk into this all white setup!

Of course, if you have done this too many times, your kids will act like .......


My local friends, we should try a portrait shoot at our place with the kids.. planning to construct a giant Dhotibox (lightbox equivalent) in our living room next weekend.


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I like the dhotibox:):):)


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