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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bad is relative

Dad and Mom left in separate cars. The plan? Leave Mom's car for service. Then pick her up in Dad's (mommy) Van and come home.

The little one accompanied me just for fun. On the freeway we suddenly lose track of Mommy's car.

Little One : Where is Amma's car?

Me : She is probably taking some short cut on another exit.

LO : will she come there on time?

Me : Amma is a rash and fast driver. she will be there.

LO : Amma is not a bad driver. She is not a little bit good. That is all!

Me : !!!!!!

The little girl was so torn.. she wanted to support her mommy... but the truth.. the damn truth!

As my grandma would say "no point hiding full pumpkin in small bowl of rice"


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