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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Sunset at La Push Beach - Olympic National Park

The sunset, stitched from a set of 14 photos (out of the 125 that were taken over a span of 3 or 4 minutes from various locations along the rocks) that were shot in manual mode. (we still get slight lines between the shots)

ps. original photo is 19.8 MB and cannot be uploaded to blogger. This is the version condensed to just under 8 MB.

pps. If you want to try this, pick one good location first. Then put tripod on rocks. Preferably large rocks.

ppps. The sun sets in an arc especially if you are not looking directly at it. If you try to get it to go right down between the thumb and the rock, you should have a good feel for the exact angle at which the sun is arcing down. Otherwise, you will end up hobbling on large rocks with a fully open tripod and make a spectacle of yourself.

pppps. this was shot with the EOS 400D aka the digital rebel.


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Amazing!! This is superb!!


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