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Monday, February 26, 2007

Just a thought..

Part of getting back the routine, involves watching serials on Sun TV, every time I pass through the living room..

It is true that I know what is going on with the story, more than the two people who sit glued to the screen on the couch! But that is purely because of my good memory and attentiveness. Seriously!!

That said, I happened to pass by at least 4 times during one evening last week and couldn't help notice that the guys wear T-shirts which say things like "Los Angeles, CA", or "Hollywood" or "I love NY"(the one with the I, heart, NY placed like a box), etc. etc.

Most of these T-shirts are (were ?) 3 for 10$ or 15$ depending on the quality, in the streetside (a.k.a. platform) shops in Hollywood. I myself have bought two sets of three on separate trips to Los Angeles.

They are usually made in India or Sri Lanka. Recently of course we see the Made in China ones as well. They are of good quality and last you at least a year and do withstand machine wash.

On my recent trip to Bombay, I got T-shirts with a collar and a pocket for 170 rupees ($3.75). Judging by that, these Hollywood T-shirts are selling for a premium simply because of the nice designer prints on the front. Do not know who does the graphic design for these shirts (maybe done in USA ? India ? China ?).

We did a lot more traveling on this recent trip than on any other trip in the last 8 years. The one thing that I noticed this time in all the tourist locations was the potential for selling soveniers in India. I am not in business, but I think there will be a good market for T-shirts which say "Chennai", "Mumbai", "Goa" or "India" with appropriate designer prints of some local tourist spot. Two years ago, I saw a bunch of Mera Bharat Mahan T-shirts and the Sachin Tendulkar Cricket shirts which said "India" on one side. A lot of them made it to the USA! Save for these two, haven't spotted good T's.

I wouldn't mind buying one! Or 3 for 10 or 15$ for that matter..

Not to mention everything from refridgerator magnets, shot glasses, posters or 100 piece Jigsaw puzzles with popular landmarks! (business people, please take note from a future customer)!

ps. It is possible that these already exist, and are just not sold at the obvious locations! Any pointers to where I can buy some on our next trip are appreciated..

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