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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Untitled - a story

I have been thinking of writing a story for the last two weeks. Going to write it in bits and pieces.

Since this story is going to unfold along the lines of Tamizh Mega serials, and I have the added disadvantage of not naming a protagonist or their most critical relationship, there is no possibility of having a title like Lakshmi, Selvi or Manaivi, Chitti etc.

Feel free to comment.


The four pistachio green Toyota Screamers zipped past a row of national monuments, to the security gates. Contary to their name, they were state of the art whisper quiet, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. The two guards outside the green zone security gates were talking in hushed tones. They knew the importance of their guests. Once they verified the ID's of everyone in the vehicles, they closed the gates. For once, the convoy had managed to make it in, without any casualties.

Sacramento was not everyones cup of tea these days. A city that came to prominence as a sprawl after the tech boom in the earlier days of 2000, and made more recognizable by the governator, was now one of the most dangerous places on the planet. The only ways in and out of the city were guarded by the latest surveilance technology and missile defense systems.

"Do you really think, this would end today ?" asked Ronny Screwalla.
"I do not know. But everyone that needs to be present today, is alive and well. Now, that is a good start!" said Ibrahim Gwazos, the other security guard. They both fell silent, now that the people in the cars had gotten inside the building. The october afternoon had an eerie calmness about it.

Inside the dimly light courthouse, the Judge was preparing his final remarks. It had been a troubling three years, living in sequestered quarters, trying to keep his sanity through legal proceedings that involved a death a day on the average! He wiped his forehead one last time, and asked the defendents to acknowledge their presence. There was no jury. This was not one of those, run of the mill, Law and Order type Jury trials. In fact this was no ordinary trial. The world wouldn't witness the extraordinary events in this trial because it was off limits to the media or the public.

The defendents and their fidgeting legal council sat in silence. The honorable Howard Stern started reading his verdict. To the surprise of the twenty or so people in the courtroom, he started smiling. The situation warranted anything but a smile. Especially not one that suggested that the Judge was having some kind of sexual experience. Yet, the smile suggested just that! A few seconds later, the judge's eyes popped wide open and he went limp on his chair.

The security guards knew all too well what this meant. They started talking into their collars and went through their drill. Within minutes, the area had been secured and everyone in the room isolated in separate quarters within the courthouse. Ronny and Ibrahim had the same scared look on their faces. It was going to be another long day.

It did not take long for the SDF agents to determine what had happened. A remote controlled nitric oxide cannister had been activated, that too from the judge's gravel. Judge Stern had at least died happy. The gas had given him an erection first, before overdosing him and ending his life. They cleared the body and looked around. They just could not understand what was happening.

Chief Jenifer Lopez clicked the wheel on her secure federal issue I-fone and said "Mrs. President ?"
"Is it over ?" came the question from the other end.
"I am sorry Mrs. President. We have to find another venue for the trial. The judge has been assasinated!" said Lopez, sweating profusely.
The president was silent. She had expected to see this trial go through in a year. Three years had passed with no sign of closure. How did things come to this ? she wondered.

At the courthouse, the main accused was deep in thought. He was thinking the same thing.. How did things come to this ? How did things go so out of control, so fast ?

It had all started with the disappearence of Venkittu Narayanan..

to be continued..

Special Disclaimers :

1. This whole thing is fictional. Although real names of real people are used, there is no connection to them..Lets face it. I am not Tom Clancy. I am too lazy to come up with original names and have decided to use names of people who affect me at the time of writing in some way.

a. Was reading something about UTV and came across Ronny's name. Dont know if this is the same guy who ran a quiz show when I was a kid..
b. Ibrahim Gwazos, is the guy who sent me an email saying Mohammad Narayanan, who has declared that he is my long last brother in Nigeria has left me the sum of 10.8 Million dollars, and he needs my bank account number urgently so he can deposit the money!!!
c. Was going through an old entertainment magazine and saw a picture of Howard Stern. Used to listen to him when I was a fresh off the boat student. Have been ages since I listened to his show.
d. Narayanan Venkittu came in my dream last night..

The story will continue..


I am not responsible for comments posted by others... At 2:25 PM, Blogger Narayanan Venkitu wrote...

achachoo....Bayama irukke.!! Enga poyitten naan..!! Pretty interesting Sundar.
Look forward to reading more.!!!

I am not responsible for comments posted by others... At 7:37 PM, Blogger Kavi wrote...

Looks like practice for an alternate profession !!

"Judge Stern had at least died happy"
And how ! Man, that was some imagination !

I am not responsible for comments posted by others... At 9:08 AM, Blogger Anu wrote...

I had to smile at the names...but Jennifer Lopez as chief... please :D

I am not responsible for comments posted by others... At 10:04 PM, Blogger Sundar Narayanan wrote...

narayanan sir, neenga hanumaar madhiri.. unga valimai ungalukke theriyaadhu ! he he..

kavi, did you know that the active ingredient in Viagra is actually Nitric oxide.. it is true.. nitric oxide is the key to "you know what"

anu, i am planning to ask people and advertisers if they want to be on my story !!


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